April 28, 2006

leave the EU

Via The Serf there is the new campaign to leave the EU, with possible the most ugly website of any recent political campaign. Please sort it out, coming from the grass roots and trying to avoid the political classes is a good thing (which means that Mr Cameron's refusal to allow Eurosceptics onto his front bench could be good for trying to get out the EU). However this is not the same as looking like a bunch of amateurs.


Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

You're not wrong there: it's an abysmal looking site. I could do better in my sleep. Actually, I'm quite tempted to do so...


11:57 am  
Blogger Bishop Hill said...

Yes, what is it about the Freedom Association that makes them produce such mind-bogglingly bad websites.

Perhaps we should ask them.

3:38 pm  

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